Jan Fetler shares photo tip sheet proposes “contest”


For those of you who weren’t able to attend our meeting on Monday, you missed a fun evening!  So you don’t miss out entirely, I’m attaching the handout from the presentation.  Besides tips on taking garden photos, there are some details for ways to improve pictures taken with a phone.

It was suggested that we give you the opportunity to show all the club members what new tips you learned or just send us your favorite picture.  We want to share them!

Beginning now, everyone is invited to send in their best/favorite garden photo of the month.  Meeting attendees might want to share a picture they took that night or ???  Here are the “rules:”

  1. one garden photo per club member per month
  2. include a brief description of the photo or what you like about it
  3. what camera did you use
  4. deadline for the February newsletter is Sunday, January 21

Send your picture to me and then look for it in the next newsletter!

Jan Fetler

The Scarecrow Newsletter Editor

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