Who we are

Our Mission

  • To carry out the aims and purposes of California Garden Clubs, Inc.
  • To give all possible assistance to the member clubs within the District’s boundaries.
  • To encourage and assist in the formation of new garden clubs
  • To bond and network at club and district meeting levels
  • To offer tours for enjoyment and education

SRVD Officers

  • President: Katherine Krantz
  • Co-Assistant Directors: Frankie Raymond and Debbie Doherty
  • Secretary Ron Byrd
  • Treasurer Berniece Jones River Valley Garden Club
  • Parliamentarian



  • Nancy Sills Pioneer Garden Club
  • Debbie Doherty Clarksburg Garden Club
  • Jan Goehring
  • Ruth Shimomura


Nominating Committee

  • Shelia Newman
  • Nancy Sills
  • Ron Byrd
  • Jan Goehring
  • Mary Jane Sutliff
District Structure