District Director Message

Welcome to all members and clubs in the Sacramento River Valley District.  I hope you are looking forward to a new year—one that is challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

 The past several years have been frustrating because of the pandemic and other national issues.  But now it’s time to move forward and make the progress that has been difficult and lacking in the past few years.

 Starting with our clubs, we need to increase our memberships, expand our goals, and recoup the excitement that we had several years ago. We need to share this wonderful hobby of gardening and design to bring in new members, new enthusiasm, and new ideas.

We especially need to increase the attendance at our district meetings. We only have three a year and we need to get at least five or more club members to attend each meeting, and with congeniality… come for the knowledge… stay for the friendship… all with a feeling of supporting others and making it an enjoyable time together.

We must all support our district and as we do so we support the state organization of garden clubs… and in turn the national organization.  They too are experiencing a lack of support and it’s essential we help to boost them up again.

 I look forward to working with each of you.  Let’s make Sacramento a leader among districts!  And remember…”With congeniality…  come for the knowledge… stay for the friendship.”


With all Best Wishes,  Ron Byrd, District director